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THE LAUGHING KING is helping to bring awareness to the issues surrounding male suicide.

Everyone involved, including cast and crew worked for free to make this film. It was a labour of love.

It was always our intention to share the film with as many people as possible but if you do purchase it - please do not re-upload the film - instead please encourage friends and family to watch it here at

Sincere thanks,

Lindy Heymann, Director

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There were 6,117 suicides in the UK in 2015, of which 75%, or 4618, were male. Suicide currently stands as the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 within the United Kingdom. 

The ratio of male to female suicide has shown a sustained rise over the last 30 years. In 1981 men accounted for 62% of suicides in this country, which rose to 70% in 1988, 75% in 1995 and hit 78% in 2013. (Source: ONS) 

CALM want to make people aware that suicide is a gender issue. They want to challenge those social constraints preventing men from seeking help when they need it and they want to support those affected by suicide and depression, as well as develop the support available for the bereaved through the Support After Suicide Partnership. 

Even though they are focused on men, they take calls to their helpline and web chat from anyone. It’s their belief that all of us at one time or another, regardless of gender, will hit a crisis and we could all do with specialist help when things go wrong.

Cast & filmmakers


Colin Morgan  ...  Jake
Kerrie Hayes  ...  Maddie
Cara Seymour  ...  Emily


Lindy Heymann  ...   Director/Co-writer
Leigh Campbell  ...  Co-writer
Paul Sparrow  ...  Producer
Andy Stebbing  ...  Executive Producer

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