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LINDY HEYMANN - What did you take away from the experience of working on The Laughing King?

Leigh Campbell - Writer

When all the cast and crew descended on Blackpool, bringing their exceptional talent and giving up their precious time for free, it was a humbling experience.

Most people on set had been touched by suicide in some way, and there was a definite sense that they were remembering, and using their skills to do something active to help raise awareness and hopefully make a difference to someone else.

It was brilliantly special, an intense and joyous weekend.  Very proud to have been a part of it.

Chris Jupe

Apart from the fantastic team, great cause and wonderful finished product, the main thing I took away for The Laughing King was his booth!

It has pride of place in my garden and is used mainly for puppet shows by the kids. I m quite impressed it's still standing seeing as I built it!!!

Tim Royle - 1st AD

I learned a lot, although I had firsted at Corrie and a few other jobs. It was a challenge filming the Laughing King, but having completed it I took great confidence in knowing that I fulfill that role as first AD. 

It was a great crew, the film looks awesome and we had a brilliant cast. We have gone on to produce some shorts off my experience of doing this. One was BAFTA long listed and the other has just been excepted into a Oscar qualifying festival.

Shorts are always rewarding, thanks for having us on board.

Edu Grau - DOP

I love the crew and how small and organic we were, how we adapted to everything and the vibe there was on set was very beautiful and caring for the subject.

Quin Williams - Editor

Reconnecting with a very dear old friend in the edit suite.

David Johnston - Echoic Sound Design

There's a subtlety about the film which was truly beautiful.  It was a pleasure bringing the scenes to life with our audio.

Tracy Nichols – Production Manager

Working on The Laughing King  has taught me that everyone has a story to tell. It's made me more aware on a personal level that we should all make time for one another. No-one knows what goes on behind closed doors; we need to try and encourage for those doors to be left ajar to allow people in, which is not an easy task.

Tareq Kubaisi - Colourist

Mental health issues and male suicide have been a part of my life. I’ve lost dear friends to suicide. I also know other families who it has affected.  Working on the Laughing King has given me hope that the progress towards shining a light on this subject is gathering momentum. 

Such a beautiful film that is actually making a difference.

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